gabriel heckel 500px Carpentry uses wood as a material and to generate energy

Since 2012 Gabriel Heckel´s carpentry business  produces their own electricity and heat with their Re² Biomass CHP. Tradition and innovation are important values for the carpentry industry in the rural district of Unterallgäu. 25 employees are working with 5,000 m³ saw wood, boards and wood fiber insulations per year. They do this by using craftsmanship as well as modern manufacturing techniques to be in harmony with nature. This philosophy is also shown concerning power generation.


Biomass CHP plant produces energy for carpentry from wood chips

With his Biomass CHP “HKA 30” owner Gabriel Heckel produces his electricity and heat himself. The heat is used for the company buildings as well as providing heat to the local heating network. In summer the heat is furthermore used for a wood chips drying plant. The electricity supplied by the HKA 30 means that Gabriel Heckel enjoys independence from the power produced by the official power supply system.

At the moment the HKA 30 is the only heat source in the carpentry. To fuel the HKA 30 Gabriel Heckel uses among other things edited roadside greed as well as natural finished woodcuts that accrue during wood-working. There is no wastage of any wood produce at the saw mill. Even the sawdust is transformed into briquettes and sold.

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