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1,8 MW - wood gas project in Japan

piendl portraitJapanese concern gets energy from CHP plants from Re²

Another large scale project with biomass power plants from Spanner Re² GmbH goes on grid in Japan and also protects the population from allergies by reducing sickle fir pollen. With around 1.8 MW of electricity, it is one of Spanner Re²'s largest projects and once again demonstrates the know-how of the market leader.


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Bakery generates energy from pallets with a biomass power plant, DE

Aus Paletten Strom und Wärme erzeugen für Bäckereibetrieb

Bakery maximises resources to generate electricity, heat and hot water from wooden pallets

Quality and regionality are top prorities for the family-run bakery "Löwenbäcker Schaper" from German Brunswick,  both in their bakery and for their energy supply. Since the end of last year, they have been using a Spanner Re² system to generate electricity and heat from shredded pallets that accumulate during bakery operations. Their approach to energy generation is sustainable and adds optimal value at the same time.

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Metalworking and plant construction Hubert Weissteiner, IT

hubert weissteiner 2Industrial company profits from Biomass CHP plant

South of the main ridge of the Alps lies Vintl in the Puster Valley. The valley is surrounded by mountains towering over three thousand metres. The village is an ideal starting point for numerous excursions and experiences in the high Alpine. Hubert Weissteiner is known as the manufacturer of discharge and conveyor systems as well as automated drying systems for wood chips. His fully designed systems are reliable and customised to the needs of the plant operators.

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