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Spanner Re² has delivered 1000th biomass power plant

Biomass power plants of Re² in Azumino

Spanner Re²'s largest biomass power plant with approximately 2 MW of electricity and over 4,4 MW of thermical is located in Japanese Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture. Another particularly sustainable aspect is that not only heat and electricity are generated regeneratively, but CO2 present in the exhaust is used in tomato cultivation via a special purification process that positively influences the photosynthesis processes of the tomato plants. This is the first gasification power generation system of its kind in Japan.

Biomass power plant of Re²

In 2020 Spanner Re² achieved a very solid business year despite Corona-related challenges. Turnover increased by 40 percent compared to the previous year.

Municipality Kirchschlag with CHP plants from Spanner Re²

The Lower Austrian municipality of Kirchschlag is setting the course for an energy independent future and is a leading role model for many other municipalities.

wooden paletts for energy production

Since the end of 2019,  family-run bakery "Löwenbäcker Schaper" from German Brunswic have been using a Spanner Re² biomass power plant to generate electricity and heat from shredded pallets that accumulate during bakery operations.

iwahara wood gasification systems

At the end of this year, the Lower Bavarian plant manufacturer Spanner Re² GmbH delivered 28 wood power plants with a total output of 1.75 MWel and over 3 MWth with complete wood chip logistics as well as conveyor and discharge technology to Japan.

 Term of the wood power plants

Large cogeneration project in Japan is expanded by 20 Spanner Re² systems 

Since the beginning of 2019, only ten, then twenty wood gasifiers from Spanner Re² GmbH including peripherals with above-average plant runtimes have been in operation. By the end of this year, the customer will install additional wood gasifiers with an electrical output of 1 MW. 

Ten wood-fired power plants with 500 kWel

Ten wood-fired power plants with 500 kWel and peripherals of the Lower Bavarian wood gasification manufacturer Spanner Re² GmbH went into operation in March this year. The scheduled mileage of wood-based CHP plants of 7,500 hours per year has been surpassed by more than 18 percent since commissioning.