piendl portaitMegawatt power plant for growing tomatoes

The wood-based CHP plant with 2 MW electric is located in Azumino, Japan. Particularly innovative: the Japanese large group Air Water Inc. generates electricity and heat from regional wood in the specially built biomass energy center Azumino with the CHP systems from Spanner Re² and uses CO2 by means of a special process to promote photosynthesis in tomato cultivation - a so-called " Trigenereration ”concept, which is unique in this form in Japan.


Sawmill woodhill in japan operates wood gasifier with residual wood

Sawmill in Japan operates wood gasifier with residual wood

The modern sawmill Woodhill is located on the geologically interesting island of Oki in the Japanese Sea. The wood gasifier which has been in operation since 2016, is operated with residual wood from the company's own operations.

Commune kawaba and forest community gunma operates energyblock from spanner Re²Turnkey energy solution generates electricity & heat in Japan

In the spring of 2017, the EnergyBlock - our turnkey complete solution - was put into operation by the Japanese community of Kawaba and the Gunma forestry community. The output of the wood-fired power plant, which is located in a 40-foot container, is 45 kW electric and 102 kW thermal.