Organic farming JS Baird & Sons

Wood energy in organic farming

Like many farms JS Baird & Sons use a considerable amount of electricity and also require a reliable source of heat. Based in Angus, Scotland, JS Baird & Sons operate a mixed farm including arable, organic sheep and cattle, chickens, organic hens and various renewable technologies. Always looking for the most environmentally responsible option, JS Baird & Sons became interested in Biomass CHP technology to generate electricity and heat for their farm.

Castleton fruit farm

"We are delighted with our 3 Re² Biomass CHP units and would highly recommend them for their reliability and efficiency. The scalability of deployment means the units are suitable for many different types of business models", said Viorel Panait, Energy Manager, Castleton Fruit.

Castleton Fruit were one of the first businesses in the UK to install a Re2 Biomass CHP on their farm located in Laurencekirk, Scotland. They are one of Scotland's largest commercial soft fruit growers producing premium, high quality strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and cherries. The infrastructure required to operate such a successful large scale fruit farm is vast and requires a considerable amount of heat and electricity.