leitlhof 10Energy self-sufficient hotel with wood

Run by the Mühlmann family, the 155-bed Leitlhof is one of the few hotel properties in Europe to be completely self-sufficient in terms of energy, producing and using its own energy efficiently. The Leitlhof has set itself the task of taking action here and producing electricity and heat independently and in a climate-neutral manner using wood chips. The short distances involved mean the woodchip production process is also environmentally-friendly.

eugen haller

Wellness hotel generates energy from wood chips

Hotel Taljörgele in the Ridnauntal/Eisacktal in South Tyrol has been covering its heat and electricity requirements with wood chips since January 2014. Each of the three HKA 45 plants has already operated for about 8,400 hours in the first year. 8,500 hours have been exceeded in 2015 resulting in a plant availability of more than 97 % per year. The hotel alone requires 280 kW in heat energy.

familie craccolaraWood gasifier at over 1,600 metres above sea level

Above San Casssiano lies the property of the Crazzolara family, a dairy farm at 1,600 m above sea level, which has covered its energy requirements with a Spanner Re² HKA 45 since December 2012. Two drying systems for hay and wood chips, two holiday homes, the private home, an external garage with workshop as well as the agricultural building incl. cow barn get their heat and electricity from the Biomass CHP.

pepi hofer wood gasifier reference customer

Wood gasifiers supply energy

Shortly behind Meran, in Riffan, lies Pepi Hofer's commercial building. Cleverly integrated into the underground parking, Pepi Hofer combines the two HKA 45 plants from Spanner Re² GmbH with a hopper for delivered wood chips and the storage hopper with built-in push floor and transverse auger discharge. There is actually not much to see in the basement of the building except for the integrated plant room. Another short glance into the storage hopper filled with wood chips - and that was it.

hubert weissteiner 2Industrial company profits from Biomass CHP plant

South of the main ridge of the Alps lies Vintl in the Puster Valley. The valley is surrounded by mountains towering over three thousand metres. The village is an ideal starting point for numerous excursions and experiences in the high Alpine. Hubert Weissteiner is known as the manufacturer of discharge and conveyor systems as well as automated drying systems for wood chips. His fully designed systems are reliable and customised to the needs of the plant operators.

avp 0528Wood cogeneration plants run in carpentry around the clock

At the foot of the Peitlerkofel - one of the most important summits of the Dolomites - lies the unspoiled mountain village of Campill. On the one side of the small village is Roland Dapoz's home, on the other side are his company's premises. Since December 2013, Roland Dapoz has been operating two 45 kWel Spanner Re² wood cogeneration plants. The two wood gasifiers with one CHP each supply energy to the carpentry business, a large double bin dryer, a container drying system as well as an ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) plant.