A small team from Spanner Re² GmbH ventured into wood gasifier technology in 2007. Together with our first customers, we successfully brought this exciting technology to market and have installed more than 900 biomass power plants globally.

We are convinced that "Holz-Kraft" will play a significant part in the future of renewable energies. The technology generates power and heat from the domestic and renewable resource of wood, regardless of weather.

With biomass power plants, you can take care of your energy supply by yourself, and become independent from big corporations as well as fossil energy imports. We offer tailor-made complete solutions and know-how generated from more than 46,000,000 hours of operation. Partner with us to ensure your business has a sustainable energy future.

 portraitbild thomas bleul 2017"The sun radiates 3,600 times more energy to the earth than we consume, only to capture, store and make use of it." Biomass or wood is like stored solar energy and we have an enormous world-wide natural reserve of it. With our technology, we are able to transform biomass into power and heat by using wood that is produced during thinning or wood processing."

Our Biomass power plants have proved themselves all over the world and show that sustainability and economy can be achieved simultaneously. Our vast experience   and technology development as a pioneer in this field make Re² the leading manufacturer of biomass power plants.

Our company was established in 2004 as a business unit called "Renewable Energies" of the Spanner Group. With over 80 qualified and dedicated employees in Neufahrn in Niederbayern, we constantly progress the optimization of our pioneering energy technology.

Thomas Bleul
Director Spanner Re² GmbH