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To prevent the standstill of productions that only work with natural gas, wood-fired power plants from Spanner Re² GmbH offer an inexpensive alternative.

CO2-neutral energy for mafia island

Mafia Island is an insider tip among travel lovers when heading to Tanzania. Along with tourism, rural Sowoe forestry is one of the dominant branches of industry on the island. Above all, coconut and cashew nut plantations determine the vegetation of the industrious islanders. The valuable wood is also used in the furniture industry.

Generator 375 kva

Diesel aggregate with 400 kW electrical output is supported in the
base load by two HKA70

For better understanding, a capacity utilization of 100% per year was calculated.

Re² BHKW 70 kW

Rising oil prices and the CO2 problem - reasons that, more than ever, encourage a rethinking of energy production. With CO2-neutral wood gas CHPs from Spanner Re², there is an alternative: Generate decentralized electricity and heat for your company from wood.

Wood gasifier from Re² in combination with a large CHP

For 35 years, the company Biogas Hochreiter GmbH from Schnaitsee in Upper Bavaria has been operating globally functioning and, above all, highly reliable plant systems in the field of wood gas technology. In particular, combined heat and power plants with 300kW electrical output in combination with the proven wood gasification systems from Spanner Re² GmbH promises a highly efficient solution in the area of ​​large-scale systems with CO2-neutral wood gas technology.


energy from waste wood for a fruit farm

Here we introduce you to a customer from Spanner Re² who generates electricity & heat from pallets and other wood waste. He uses a simple shredder to chop his waste wood, which is then freed from impurities such as nails. Spanner Re² also offers a simple way to avoid foreign matter such as metal and stones in order to increase the running time of the plant.

A fuel is created

Our customer uses a double-bin dryer to remove moisture from his wood chips. The wood chips are then sieved again before they enter the wood gasifier. The fines are pressed into briquettes which can be sold afterwards.

300kw electrical power from 4 HKA70

As part of a repowering project by Spanner Re², the 50-year-old 6-cylinder marine diesel with a displacement of 231 liters was able to continue to supply the Lechner excavator and woodchipping company in Ellenberg with electricity and heat from woodchippings.

CHP from 2G

More than 6,500 technologically advanced block-type thermal power stations from 2G are reliably in use around the world. As the technology leader in the industry, we are never satisfied with what we have achieved - so the development team at the Group's own R&D company 2G Drives is continuously working on further developing, in particular, the heart of a CHP unit - the gas engine. In association with Re² wood power plants since 2021.