Full production halls at wood gasifier manufacturer Spanner Re² GmbH

Wood gasifier cascade will be delivered to Japan

Ten wood gasifiers including peripherals will soon leave the Spanner Re² GmbH plant in Neufahrn, Lower Bavaria, and be delivered to Japan.

Japanese major corporation installs ten wood gasifiers from Spanner Re²

The Lower Bavarian plant manufacturer Spanner Re² GmbH and its subsidiary Spanner KK are implementing the large-scale project in Japan. The project represents a further milestone for the company, which has successfully established itself in the field of large-scale project planning of wood gasification.

Further information about the project can be found here.

Delegation from Japan visits wood gas experts Spanner Re² in Germany

A Japanese delegation recently visited Spanner Re² GmbH on the subject of "Renewable energies with a focus on biomass and biogas".

Future-oriented electricity and heat generation using wood gas

Renewable energies are sustainable and an elementary key on the way to a future-oriented energy economy. Wood stores solar energy, is regionally available and a climate-friendly energy source. It is precisely this fuel that Spanner Re²'s proven Biomass CHP make their own and convert the stored energy highly efficiently into electricity and heat. In this way, energy can be generated according to demand.

Wood gasifiers from Spanner Re² are in operation worldwide

Dr. Stefan Speidel, Senior Vice President of Spanner KK - Japanese subsidiary of Spanner Re² - and Matthias von Senfft, international sales manager of Spanner Re², led the Japanese delegation through the production of the environmentally friendly Biomass power plants. The delegation was particularly impressed by the high number of systems installed worldwide: Spanner Re² has already successfully implemented several projects in Japan.

Spanner KK strengthens team in Japan to further expand the wood gasifier market

Dr. Stefan Speidel will join the Spanner KK team in Japan in August

Dr. Speidel, who holds a doctorate in electrical engineering, moved to Japan 30 years ago and most recently worked as a senior executive at Siemens Japan. From August this year he will strengthen the team of the Japanese subsidiary Spanner KK. With his many years of experience as a manager, especially in the key account sector, Dr. Speidel will primarily be active in marketing/sales.

Strong upswing for electricity and heat generation from biomass in Japan

The Lower Bavarian plant manufacturer Spanner Re² GmbH is currently implementing two major projects in Japan together with its subsidiary Spanner KK with a total of 35 wood power plants including peripherals. Dr. Speidel will play an active role in the future in the further positioning of wood gasification technology in the Japanese market.

According to the OAV, the technical potential of unused biomass in Japan is around 266 million tons per year. This could generate around 22 billion kWh of electricity and cover the annual electricity requirements of 4.6 million households. According to current plans, a renewable energy share of approx. 22-24% of the energy mix is targeted for 2030. Wood-fired power plants from Spanner Re² generate highly efficient electricity and heat from biomass that refine the domestic resource into a valuable energy source.

Further business area "Repowering of inefficient power generators using wood gasifiers"

Another exciting project for the new team of Spanner KK will be "Repowering". Numerous outdated, inefficient or non-functional power generators have already been replaced and successfully commissioned worldwide by the patented Holz-Kraft technology.

The modular construction of the wood-fired power plants, which in the larger capacity range consist of a wood gasification unit and a combined heat and power unit (CHP), offers maximum flexibility. For example, only the wood gasifier can be combined with an existing combined heat and power plant if a diesel unit is to be replaced or the entire system of Spanner Re² can also be integrated into an existing project. Thanks to Spanner Re²’s intelligent control system , other regenerative energy sources can also be integrated.

"The focus in Japan is increasingly on renewable energy. Biomass as an energy source has a very special role to play here. Because it not only supplies energy independently of the weather, but also according to demand. I am pleased to be actively involved in shaping this forward-looking path at Spanner KK", reports Dr. Stefan Speidel, new manager at Spanner KK.

Picture (from left to right): Thomas Bleul, Managing Director of Spanner Re² GmbH, Akiko Okada, Director of Corporate Development at Spanner KK, Dr. Oskar Bartenstein, Managing Director of Spanner KK and Dr. Stefan Speidel, new Manager at Spanner KK, at a joint meeting in Japan. Source: Spanner Re² GmbH

Bioenergy experts from Ghana visit wood gasifier manufacturer Spanner Re² in Bavaria

A delegation from Ghana visited Spanner Re² GmbH in Neufahrn in July 2018. The experts from the bioenergy sector showed great interest in the proven wood gasifiers.

Convincing series production of wood gasifiers

Especially the long series production impressed the visitors. Following the tour of the production site, the delegation had the opportunity to see the "Made in Germany"-produced wood gasifiers in operation. Every wood power plant from Spanner Re² is put through its paces in its own test hall before delivery.

Delegation from Ghana in Bavaria

The seminar Ghana "Power supply from bioenergy" takes place within the framework of the development cooperation of the Free State of Bavaria and is conducted by GIZ.
The whole team of Spanner Re² GmbH would like to thank you for the great interest.

Elektrofahrzeuge können mit Strom, den ein Holzvergaser von Spanner Re² aus Hackschnitzel erzeugt, beladen werden.

Around 25 cubic meters of dry wood chips are sufficient to supply an electric car with electricity each year.

Ten Spanner Re² Biomass CHPs, including peripherals, will be installed at a major corporation towards the end of this year. In partnership with the Japanese subsidiary Spanner KK, Spanner Re² is pushing forward with another major project for power and heat generation based on wood gas in East Asia.

"The project is another milestone for both Spanner Re² and us in the field of large-scale project planning," says Oskar Bartenstein, director of the Japanese subsidiary Spanner KK. "Already at the beginning of the year, the starting signal was given for a major project with 25 wood-fired power plants in Japan - the new order demonstrates the dynamism and the great potential that the East Asian market offers to generate electricity and heat from regionally sourced wood", says Bartenstein. 

 More information can be found here.

Power failure means one thing above all: a lot of inconvenience.

Be energy self-sufficient by wood chips

Fueled only by wood,  our gasifier systems enable you to become independant of unreliable power sources and be completely energy self-sufficient. Our wood-fired power plants reliably generate electricity and heat from wood chips, pellets or briquettes according to the cogeneration principle.

Expericence of wood gasification gainend from over 20,000.000 operating hours

More than 700 wood-fired power plants are already in operation worldwide, supplying energy sustainably, efficiently and safely. 

Bioenergy Village Engelsberg is energy self-sufficient

In 2011, Engelsberg, a part of the market Lauterhofen in Germany, invested  in a wood gasifier from Spanner Re².

Wood gasification pays off

After more than six years of operation, the Spanner Re2 Biomass CHP “HKA 30“ has provided the bioenergy village a satisfactory income from: producing more than 1.5 million kWh of electricity and 3.6 million kWh of heat  – all from reginally  sourced woodchips.

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