EnergyBlock with three wood gasifier and wood gas CHP

The wood gasfication container solution enables a decentralised generation of electricity and heat using local wood, tailored to your needs. 
The EnergyBlock from Spanner Re² is unique to the bioenergy industry. It is a perfectly coordinated complete system, consisting of a wood gasifier unit, a combined heat and power unit (CHP) and intelligent control system. Compact in 40-foot containers, all components are pre-installed and perfectly adapted to your individual requirements. This not only simplifies the installation, but also allows extremely fast start up, so you can benefit straight away. The system offers huge flexibility due to it’s modular design and ability to cascade the biomass power plants for maximum performance.  The EnergyBlock can be optimally adapted to suit your unique situation and environment. Further customisation is enabled by the wide range of the power spectrum. 

Off-grid & diesel generator replacement with pre-installed wood gasifier as container solution

The demand for an innovative energy technology in the renewable sector is becoming even more relevant due to the continuing rise in electricity costs, fossil fuel dependency and limited regional supply options. The Re² EnergyBlock offers an excellent opportunity to replace existing expensive electricity from diesel generator units.
Especially in isolated regions, like the forests of Canada, our EnergyBlock is the ideal off-grid solution for generating an environmentally friendly energy supply where its needed the most. Our patented biomass gasification technology uses the energy from the sun which is stored in the wood and at the same time is adding value because the wood stays locally in the region.

EnergyBlock - the pre-installed wood gasifier container solution in the overview:

  • Complete solution for electricity and heat generation from biomass
  • Off-grid & on-grid operation possible
  • Easy installation by factory pre-assembly
  • Quick startup 
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Variable setup options
  • No building permit required in many countries
  • Can be combined with all Re² system components such as conveyor systems, ash removal systems or fuel dryers

Using wood chips for clean energy production

Wood fuels, with which our customers reach over 8,000 operating hours per year with our patented biomass gasification technology (see picture).

using wood chips for energy production by wood gasifier
Get more information on fuel for biomass power plants from Spanner Re².

Who benefits most from the wood gasifier container solution?

The EnergyBlock is a “ready to use“ solution that quickly addresses your individual requirements for electricity and heat generation from biomass. The compact container variant is ideal for less well-developed areas because it can be operated off-grid.

Here are some examples of use cases:

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Photo gallery EnergyBlock - Wood gasifier as container solution:

Photo gallery EnergyBlock - complete wood gasification system with 40 feet container: