wood gasifier and wood gas chp for wood gasification
The biomass power plants HKA 35 and HKA 50 consist of a wood gasifier unit and a downstream combined heat and power plant (CHP). Several hundred of these tried-and-tested biomass power plants are in operation around the world and reliably produce large amounts of electricity and heat for big companies and wellness resorts.

High runtimes of wood gasifier & CHP 

The biomass power plant´average running time per yeat is around 8,500 operating hours. This is made possible by the patented Holz-Kraft technology, precise manufacturing and the continuous incentive to always develop further. To this end, we work closely with our customers.

Medium-scale biomass power plant HKA 35/50 - in the overview:

  • In use worldwide
  • Innovative reform building
  • High fuel flexibility
  • Intelligent control technology with modern touch display
  • CHP & wood gasifier can be set up variably
  • Scalable uo to MW electrically


Who benefits most from the biomass power plant HKA 35/50?

Our wood gasifiers & combined heat and power units are used primarily in:


Technical data of medium-scale biomass power plants HKA 35/50:

Biomass power plant:

medium scale plants

HKA 35 HKA 50
Electrical power 35 kWel 49 kWel
Heat power
79,5 kWth 106 kWth
Wood chip quality Natural wood chips, according to DIN ISO 17225-1,  size: P31S, fines content: F10, water content: M10, ash content: A1.0
Wood chip consumption* 31,5 kg/h 41,9 kg/h

* Depending on the quality of the wood chips. 
Technical data: 03/2023.  In case of deviations, the data from the technical data sheet count. We reserve the right to make technical changes.

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