Individual solutions – made in Germany

Whether you need haul systems for wood chips, smooth- or long part sieves for fuel preparation or haul techniques for ash holding, we have a large product range that complements your Biomass CHP and perfectly suits your needs.

We develop and manufacture all the products ourselves, making us very flexible – especially if you require a special solution with specific requirements.

The Re2 wood chip haul techniques

We will provide you with all wood chip haul solutions so you don’t have to source them from different companies and hope they all work together successfully. Four multi storage systems, vertical conveying system, duo-/multiway terminal block and material sieving for rough- and smooth parts all work perfectly when combined. Our wood chip haul systems are thoroughly tested and perform with consistent reliability. The central control unit ensures automatic operation of all the combined haul solutions making the plant easy to run and control.

The Re2 waste haul systems

For the clean and safe evacuation of the waste material we suggest our double-box-system with an integrated manual level indicator. It is made out of spiral conveyers which are directly flanged to our Biomass CHP and two 800 liter steel boxes. With slide damper the boxes can be clean and without any tools be separated from the conveyer channel. If one box gets full, the waste material can be directly filled into the other box. Then there is enough time to change the full big pack against an empty one.

If you have any questions or would like to see our products in action then please use the contact form below and we will get back to you straight away.

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