Repowering of existing generators

Repowering project, Farmer Johann Huber, DE

Landwirt Huber erzeugt aus Straßenbegleitgrün Strom und WärmeFarmer Johann Huber generates energy from roadside greenery. North of Landshut (DE) is located Johann Huber's agricultural company. The woodchip heating system installed, there was no longer able to cover the heat demand from 2011. Since Huber cultivates roadside greenery for the community and can thus use this raw material, the new heating system should be used again with wood chips. Huber has a special interest generating electricity from wood. So he installed a wood gasifier from Spanner Re².

Repowering of the wood gas CHP from 30 to 55 kWel

Due to an increasing energy demand Huber replaced his old wood gas CHP with a new one in 2018, increasing its plant output by up to 50 %.

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Repowering project, Sawmill Christl, DE

robert christl 500pxRobert Christl runs a sawmill north west of Landshut, in Weihmichl. To meet the huge electricity and heat demands of his sawmill Robert Christl installed a Biomass CHP from Re² in 2014. Even although his energy demands are high his costs are minimal because he uses all the waste wood products that accrue from wood processing at the sawmill as fuel for the CPH.

Repowering of wood gas CHP engine to 3,000 rpm

Since 2017, the wood gas CHP's 5.7 L engine has been running at 3,000 rpm - and very successfully. In February the engine already reached over 20,000 operating hours.

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Repowering with engine upgrade, large power plant, LV

repowering with engine upgrade based on wood gasSince 2014, a large power plant with 10 units rated at 45 kWel each has been in operation in Jaunjelgava, Latvia. The energy system consists of wood gasifiers and wood gas CHP units, which are connected in a cascade. In 2018, the 5.7-litre CHP engines were converted from 1,500 rpm to 3,000 rpm. This enables an increase output from 45 to 54 kWel to be achieved.  


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