wood gasification cascade latvia

Flexible wood gasification performance

  • The modular design of our biomass power plant makes it possible to combine several wood gasification plants in a cascade. Depending on the energy demand, the systems are operated together or independently, which allows a particularly good partial load ability and maximum flexibility.
  • The system can also be expanded with additional wood gasification modules at a later date in case of increased energy demand.

Continuous operation guaranteed with green energy production

  • In contrast to a single large power plant, a wood gasification cascade allows you to generate energy continuously even during maintenance work.
  • Large-scale projects with wood gasification cascades have proven themselves many times and provide the highest levels of sustainability. Compared to energy produced by fossil-fuel, wood gasifier from Spanner Re² provides the added value of renewable biomass, sourced locally and cost effectively.

No external service technician for wood gasfication cascade required

  • You can carry out 100 % maintenance yourself, even on series-produced gas engines. There is no need for expensive specialist assistance. You will be trained to be wood gas experts at our "video", free of change.
  • Our systems do not produce condensate that you have to dispose of for a fee. In addition, no intermediate medium such as thermal oil etc. is required, which reduces the plant process to the essentials and saves costs. 


See our video about large-scale project with wood gasification cascade in Latvia

Since 2013 20 biomass power plants provide (HKA 45) with 900 kWel as well as 2 MWth a local heating network in Jēkabpils. 

  20 holz kraft anlagen in kaskade

Fruit farm in Scotland profits from wood gasification cascade

Since 2016 three 45 kW biomass power plants supply a fruit farm in Scotland with energy. The fruit farm requires a considerable amount of heat and electricity, which is reduced by using wood gasification cascade.

castleton fruit youtube

Benefits of our wood gasification cascade (multiple units):

  • Highest flexibility at energy production
  • Maximum failure safety
  •  Needs-based services
  • Sophisticated wood gasification technology
  • Simple logistics
  • Fast installation of wood gasifier cascade
  • Great experience in biomass gasification from the world market leader

Using wood chips for clean energy production

Wood fuels, with which our customers reach over 8,000 operating hours per year with our patented biomass gasification technology (see picture).

using wood chips for energy production by wood gasifier
Get more information on fuel for wood gasifier cascades from Spanner Re².

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