Wood gasifier in forestry | References

Firm Service & Engineering Industry, HR

Referenzanlage von Spanner Re² in KroatienThe firm Service & Engineering Industry in Croatia generates electricity and heat with two wood gasifiers from Spanner Re². The total electrical output is around 60 kW, the total thermal output around 160 kW.

Reference data:

  • Firm: Service & Engineeing Industry
  • Plants: 2 x HKA 30
  • Electrical power: 2 x 30 kWel
  • Thermal power: 2 x 80 kWth
  • Start-up: 2015  

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Municipal service Lang, DE

Lang01Municipal service generates energy with wood gasifier

Municipal service Lang offers a wide range of services, including woodchip marketing, clearing woodland, truck container transportation, garden-waste crushing, forest mulching, de-icing, rootstock cutting, agricultural services, composting and cleaning hydraulic structures. The factories, one residential building and the woodchip container drying facility are supplied with heat by a biomass CHP with an output of 45 kWel and 120 kWth.

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Parquet flooring manufacturer Hofer, DE

Parquet flooring manufacturer Hofer uses residual wood to generate energyWoodworking company uses residual wood to generate energy

Biomass CHP usage is an ideal enhancement for woodworking establishments, since wood chips (used as fuel) are available in-house at low cost as a result of residual timber. Georg Hofer and his five staff produce solid-wood parquet flooring in the district of Landshut. He has been using a Biomass CHP with an output of 30 kWel and 80 kWth since November 2009. The heat obtained is then used to dry the wood and heat the factory and Mr Hofer’s home.

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Repowering project, Sawmill Christl, DE

robert christl 500pxRobert Christl runs a sawmill north west of Landshut, in Weihmichl. To meet the huge electricity and heat demands of his sawmill Robert Christl installed a Biomass CHP from Re² in 2014. Even although his energy demands are high his costs are minimal because he uses all the waste wood products that accrue from wood processing at the sawmill as fuel for the CPH.

Repowering of wood gas CHP engine to 3,000 rpm

Since 2017, the wood gas CHP's 5.7 L engine has been running at 3,000 rpm - and very successfully. In February the engine already reached over 20,000 operating hours.

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Sawmill Hagedorn, DE

referenzbild 500px Sawmill reduces energy costs with wood gasifier

Since 2014 the electrical power and the heat demand of Mr. Hagedorns sawmill gets produced by a Biomass CHP HKA 45. The Hagedorn Sawmill in North Rhine-Westphalia has six drying chambers with 400 m³ of a sawn wood that is brought to use wet. The electric and thermal energy that is necessary to run the sawmill is vast. With that in mind, family Hagedorn has been thinking about producing energy out of their accruing wood chips for quite a long time.


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Sawmill Klein, DE

DSC 10298,300 operating hours of the wood gasifier in its first year

The HKA 30 biomass CHP at the Klein sawmill commenced operations in December 2012. The system reached 8,300 operating hours in its very first year, with a woodchip consumption of 2.5 to 3 sq m a day. The heat is discharged out of the cogeneration plant through a heat exchanger with an output of approx. 80 kW, and fed into a 10,000-litre buffer storage tank. The excess energy is extracted via a blower and used to dry woodchips. The blower can operate with an output of up to 4 kW.

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Sawmill Tartak J.Bialas, PL

tartak 500px

The Polish sawmill Tartak j. Bialas also uses wood to generate energy.

Reference data:

  • Firm: Sawmill Tartak J.Bialas
  • Plant: HKA 45
  • Website: www.jbtartak.com.pl
  • Electrical power: 45 kWel
  • Thermal Power: 110 kWth
  • Start-up: 2013


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Woodworking business Roland Dapoz, IT

avp 0528Wood cogeneration plants run in carpentry around the clock

At the foot of the Peitlerkofel - one of the most important summits of the Dolomites - lies the unspoiled mountain village of Campill. On the one side of the small village is Roland Dapoz's home, on the other side are his company's premises. Since December 2013, Roland Dapoz has been operating two 45 kWel Spanner Re² wood cogeneration plants. The two wood gasifiers with one CHP each supply energy to the carpentry business, a large double bin dryer, a container drying system as well as an ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) plant.

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