Lang01Municipal service generates energy with wood gasifier

Municipal service Lang offers a wide range of services, including woodchip marketing, clearing woodland, truck container transportation, garden-waste crushing, forest mulching, de-icing, rootstock cutting, agricultural services, composting and cleaning hydraulic structures. The factories, one residential building and the woodchip container drying facility are supplied with heat by a biomass CHP with an output of 45 kWel and 120 kWth.

The electricity produced is fed into the public grid, and remuneration paid in accordance with the German Renewable Energy Sources Act.

Wood chip drying:

The waste heat from the Biomass CHP is blown into approx. 22 m³ containers through a Lauber heat exchanger and blower from the bottom up. The incoming air dries the woodchips within about a week, and is then stored in a covered bunker. Two containers are connected to the Biomass CHP in parallel.

Key data on the energy concept:

  • System: Spanner HKA 45 biomass CHP
  • Output: 45 kWel and 120 kWth
  • Start-up: June 2012
  • Woodchip source: In-house production

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