Do you have old power generators in use and would like to replace or expand them with a proven and reliable technology of the latest generation?

Then you've come to the right place! We are experts in the field of wood gasification with globally installed wood gasifiers. We have large know-how in repowering of old power generators or diesel generators as well.

Electricity & heat from Biomass

Our biomass power plants have proven themselves worldwide and generate electricity and heat from almost every natural wood. They are extremely flexible in their application: you can combine our wood gasifiers with an existing combined heat and power unit (CHP) as well as integrate wood gasifier and wood-fired CHP unit into an existing project.

Repowering with wood gasification for higher efficiency and economy

Benefit from the plant reliability of our gasification technology and increase your energy efficiency for a higher power and heat yield with repowering. Our combined heat and power plants require only wood as an energy source. It’s a sustainable fuel that is not only environmentally and climate-friendly, but also strengthens the regional economy.

Watch our video about repowering projects of existing power generators with wood gasification

replacement of existing wood gasifier and chp

Replace expensive diesel generators in metal mines with Re² biomass power plants


  • Initial situation: metal mines without connection to the public power grid
    Constraints: Base load for electricity is around 4.5 MW, peak load approx. 7 MW; previous power supply from wind power, hydropower and diesel aggregates
  • Problem: Over 50 % of the total electricity demand generates from diesel generators; the import of diesel is very expensive and not sustainable; wind power and hydropower are depending on weather conditions
  • Project plans - Step 1: Use of Re² wood gasifiers (HKA 70) instead of a 1.2 MW diesel generator
    Step 2: Further substitution of a 1.2 MW CAT diesel unit with wood gasifier from Re²

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Offgrid & diesel generator replacement

400 employees work in three-shifts to operate the mine, which is not connected to the public power grid. Around 4.5 MW of electricity is continuously required to mine for zinc and gold, and at peak times up to 7 MW is consumed. To date, most of the electricity has been generated from five CAT diesel generators. The generators are inefficient to run because the import of diesel is very expensive, complex and not very environmentally conscious.

Up to 5 % of mine energy requirements have been covered by wind power plants since 2010, although these are highly dependent on prevailing weather conditions. In addition, there are three hydropower plants that provide eco-friendly energy.

The energy demand fluctuates significantly. Electricity and heat should be generated independently of the weather and in an environmentally friendly manner. Therefore, the mine operator intends to rely on the proven wood gasification technology of Re² - the leading manufacturer of biomass power plants.

Several wood-fired gasification plants replace diesel generators with an electrical output of 1.2 MW in two project phases. The multiple systems are connected in a cascade and operated both simultaneously and independently of each other. They produce energy as required and are extremely flexible. Wood from the local area serves as the energy source, ensuring the region benefits.

Wood gasifier cascade offer advantages in flexibility and in terms of service

Compared to a single large-scale plant, multiple Re² plants offer advantages in flexibility, but also in terms of service. This can be carried out on site and also on the series-produced turbo engines with charge cooler, which are installed in the powerful combined heat and power plants of Re² (no expensive specialist is required). System availability is also ensured during maintenance work and amounts to over 90% throughout, ensuring a reliable energy supply.

Biomass power plants from Re² are extremely fuel flexible and can be operated with any natural wood. With the patented technology, energy can also be generated ecologically and economically in remote regions, when it is needed. So far, most of the electricity is generated in the mine by CAT diesel generators. Biomass power plants from Re², which generate electricity and heat from wood chips, are an excellent way of replacing diesel generators and generating energy on the basis of wood gas as required.

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