20'' Pushfloordryer for wood chips

With our wood-chip drying systems you will maximise the energy output of your fuel.

They not only reduce the water content of the wood chips, but they also minimise the fine fraction and mineral pollutions by integrated sieve elements. This means that almost any natural wood is refined into a high-quality fuel.
The recycled material is perfectly matched to the requirements of the Biomass CHP and ensures a particularly efficient operation.

Re² push floor dryer - great demand, highest comfort

  • Fully automated wood chip drying without "wet nests"
  • Space saving through a compact and robust construction
  • Adjustable residual moisture
  • Easy access via control panel, PC or Smartphone
  • 95% reduced dust development


  • Storage bunker
  • Warm air supply
  • Fine particle screening and fine particle removal
  • Thrust conveyor technology with robust hydraulic system
  • Feeding via conveyor belts or conveyor augers
  • Technical room with intelligent control
Technical data
Drying output per day* Up to 25 – 50 m³ dried wood chips
Capacity storage bunker

6 m: with 1,9 m dumping height ~ 7,0 m³

12 m: with 1,9 m dumping height ~ 22,7 m³

Layer height of the wood chips 0,4 m – 0,6 m

6 m: 6 m x 2,4 m 2,6 m

12 m: 12 m x 2,4 m x 2,6 m

*depending on design and type of drying system, and also depending on wood chips quality (humidity)

Re² sloping ground dryer - flexible and cost-effective

In this type of drying, the wood chips are distributed over a large area on a sloping floor and dried from below with warm air. The waste heat in the boiler room can be used for the drying process.

With the aid of a front loader, the damp wood chips can be moved upwards or they can be transported away. The sloping ground dryer is a particularly cost-effective type of wood chip dryer and is has more space available for storage and drying. Depending on the customer's request, the wood chips can also be removed via a screw.

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