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Wood gasifier produces power

Power failure means one thing above all: a lot of inconvenience.

Be energy self-sufficient by wood chips

Fueled only by wood, our gasifier systems enable you to become independant of unreliable power sources and be completely energy self-sufficient. 

Bioenergy village produces electricity and heat with wood gasifier

Bioenergy Village Engelsberg is energy self-sufficient

In 2011, Engelsberg, a part of the market Lauterhofen in Germany, invested  in a wood gasifier from Spanner Re².

“Innovation through research” seal in 2018 for Spanner Re²

The “Stifterverband” is one of the largest private science sponsors in Germany and has been honoring research-based companies since 2014.  

Fuel drying of Pezzolato with wood gasifier from Re²

The new video of the Italian company Pezzolato shows the perfectly coordinated complete system of wood chip drying and processing and the proven wood gasification plants from Re².

Federal Minister of Transport visited Spanner Re²

In March 2018, the Federal Minister of Transport, Andreas Scheuer, visited the Spanner Re².

Wood gasifier from Re² installed in Chile

Recently the new Re² showcase wood gasification plant was successfully commissioned at the Chilean company "Energy220". 

Biomass CHP HKA 10 from Spanner Re² GmbH

In the field of bioenergy, Re²´s HKA 10 is revolutionary. With 9 kWel and 22 kWth, it is one of the smallest cogeneration plant of its kind.

Electricity & heat generated from wood of eucalyptus

Around 70 % of Australia's tree population consists of eucalyptus species. Residual wood from fast-growing trees offers great potential for generating electricity and heat. The first attempts to operate the proven Biomass CHP from Spanner Re² GmbH with wood chips made of eucalyptus, were very successful.