Our Biomass CHP’s produce electricity and heat from natural finished wood thanks to the process of cogeneration.

Process of gasification:
The central step of wood distillation takes place in our patented reformer. This operates in direct current mode. That means that the wood chips and the wood gas move in the same direction. The ember bed is very compact and is controlled within our distillation process, which leads to an extremely clean wood gas.

The heat generated from the process of gasification can be used for heating purposes, for the production of domestic and hot water and for drying the wood chips themselves.

Our Biomass CHP engines have proven their worth with over 20,000,000 operating hours worldwide, demonstrating that sustainability and economy are mutually achievable.

By default, we offer four engine power classes:

Overview HKA 10 HKA 35 HKA 45 HKA 49
Electric power 9 kWel 25 kWel 45 kWel 49 kWel
Thermal power 22 kWth 79,5 kWth 102,2 kWth 111,3 kWth
Fuel Size: G30 bis G40
Water content: < 13 %
Fine parts max. (< 4 mm) 30%
Fuel consumption* 0,9 kg/kWhel 0,9 kg/kWhel 0,9 kg/kWhel 0,9 kg/kWhel
Dimensions 2,10 m x 1,40 m x 2,20 m wood gasifier: 5,27 m x 1,54 m x 2,30 m
CHP: 2,60 m x 0,92 m x 2,19 m
Flow temperature
85° C 85° C
Return temperature 60° C 65° C

* Fuel consumption addicted from the quality of the wood chips, which used.
Technical specifications: 04/2017

Information about the fuel wood...
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Fuels with which our customers reach over 8,000 operating hours per year.

We have been producing our Biomass CHP engines which produce heat &  power from wood chips for many years. Due to the modular system design, a power range from 9kW to 1MW can be achieved. See our page on Cascading.

Of course, we also manufacture the appropriate conveyor technology for our Biomass CHPs, as well as efficient fuel-drying systems.

Do you have any questions or would you like to see a Biomass CHP which produce energy from wood chips in practice? Then fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you straight away.

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