small scale wood gasifier HKA 10 generates energy from biomassIn the field of bioenergy, our HKA 10 is revolutionary. With 9 kWel and 22 kWth, it is one of the smallest biomass power plant of its kind. The small-scale wood gasifier and the small-scale wood gas CHP are housed in one casing. This saves space and makes the system particularly compact.

Another great advantage is that the biomass power plant HKA 10 offers the flexibility of using various different types of biomass. It operates with natural wood chips, as well as pellets and briquettes.It is developed for self-supply and ideal for businesses with high demands of electricity and heat. It operates with high efficiency, is environmentally friendly and makes you independent of fossil fuels.

Small-scale biomass power plant HKA 10 - in a summary:

  • Smallest biomass power plant of its kind on the market
  • Wood gasifier & wood gas CHP in one housing
  • Efficiently biomass gasification technology
  • Ideal for self-supply
  • High fuel flexibility
  • Low power consumption
  • Intelligent control technology with modern touch display
  • Easy installation by prefabricated connections
  • Awarded with the ZLF Innovation Prize 2016

Who benefits most from the small-scale wood gasifier HKA 10?

The HKA 10 is the perfect solution if you have a high-energy consumption throughout the year and require heat during the summer months.

Here are some examples:


Using wood chips for clean energy production

Wood fuels, with which our customers reach over 8,000 operating hours per year with our patented biomass gasification technology (see picture).

using wood chips for energy production by wood gasifier
Get more information on fuel for biomass power plants from Spanner Re².


Technical data of small-scale wood gasfier HKA 10:

Biomass power plant - small scale gasifier HKA 10
Electrical power 9 kWel
Thermal power 22 kWth
 Natural wood
Water content < 13 %
Max. Fine fraction (< 4 mm grain size) 30 %
Fuel consumption* 0,9 kg/kWhel
Dimensions L x W x H 2,10 m x 1,40 m x 2,20 m
Flow temperature 85° C
Return temperature 60°C

* Fuel consumption addicted from the quality of the wood chips, which used. Technical data: 04/2017

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