Spanner Re² wins the 2016 ZLF Innovation Prize

The most compact wood cogeneration plant of its kind – the “HKA 10” – now also generates environmentally friendly heat and electricity with pellets. Spanner Re² was recently awarded the coveted ZLF Innovation Prize for 2016 by the Bavarian Farmers’ Association and the “Bayerisches Landwirtschaftliches Wochenblatt” for this future-oriented wood cogeneration plant.

In contrast to other renewable energies, the HKA10 continually generates heat and electricity from wood as a local resource, completely independent of the weather. With 9 kW electrical output and 25 kW thermal output, the plant is primarily best suited to agricultural and forestry-related businesses, for the wood-processing industry or for the hotel and catering industry – particularly if you use the electricity yourself and have high heat requirements throughout the year.

Excellent technology of wood gasifier HKA 10

The plant can be switched on or off within a few minutes, for example. Thanks to the intelligent SPSS controls, operation is automatic. What’s more, it is also possible to access the wood cogeneration plant remotely via computer, tablet or smartphone. The high level of convenience is rounded off by an app we developed ourselves, and by computer programmes. As a market leader in the field of wood gasification, we at Spanner Re² GmbH have implemented our many years of experience to develop the HKA10 – and we have been pretty successful, as the 2016 ZLF Innovation Prize we recently won shows.

Sustainable & flexible

Particularly sophisticated: This innovative wood cogeneration plant can be operated with almost any kind of fuel made of untreated wood. With wood chips made of roadside vegetation or logging remains, compressed briquettes consisting of wood shavings or saw dust, or shredded industrial scrap wood, and now with wood pellets as well – this guarantees unique fuel flexibility and an ideal value chain that is perfectly tailored to fit the needs of the respective plant operator.

Compact package

Besides the diversity of fuel, the dimensions of the energy package are also impressive. The HKA10 is 2.10 metres long, 1.40 metres wide and 2.20 metres high, and is one of the most compact wood cogeneration plants of its kind. All of the components, such as the wood gasifier, a downstream CHP, a filter system and a heat exchanger unit, are accommodated in an enclosed housing unit. That way, the plant is not only extremely space-saving but also easy to install.

The Spanner Re² wood cogeneration plant “HKA10”, which was awarded the 2016 ZLF Innovation Prize, generates heat and electricity from wood. The award ceremony took place in Munich on September 19.
From left to right Amos Kotte (CEO of dlv), Thomas Bleul (CEO of Spanner Re²) with his team, 2nd from right Walter Heidl (President of the Bavarian Farmers’ Association) and Rainer Königer (editor of the “Bayerisches Landwirtschaftliches Wochenblatt” [Bavarian Agricultural Weekly]).