EnergyBlock supplies electricity and heat from wood

Since 2017, two EnergyBlocks produced by Spanner Re² GmbH in Neufahrn i. NB, which produces environmentally friendly electricity and heat from wood. One of the two turnkey container units is located in the residence Célinie de Crisnée near Liège and supplies a nursing home with energy. The building, which is being renovated, is located on a former industrial estate. In the near future, a nursery and other consumer centers will also be supplied with heat via a heating network.

The company Coretec Energy was commissioned for the planning, installation and maintenance of the facilities. The key to success for such a project lies on the one hand in the project transparency and a good relationship between manufacturer and consumer, on the other hand from a good technical understanding and a fuel adapted to the wood-power plant.

Parallel to this project, Coretec operates another wood-power plant of Spanner Re² GmbH in Visé, Belgium. The HKA 45 has an electrical output of 45 kW and a thermal output of 110 kW and is powered by wood chips. The operator was particularly impressed by the reliability of the wood-power plants, which is reflected in the many references from our customers. Spanner Re² has more than 700 wood-power plants in operation worldwide and offer moderate replacement costs regarding spare parts. The wood-based CHP plants are particularly interesting for energy-intensive businesses such as woodworking companies, hotels, nursing homes, swimming pools, hospitals, boarding schools or local heating network operators because they provide so many efficiencies and cost savings.

(Source: Bio Energy international)

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