Replacement of existing Mothermik wood gasifier & CHP to wood gasifier from Spanner Re²

In 2016 an installed Mothermik wood gasifier was replaced by three Spanner Re² wood gasifiers due to continuing technical difficulties. The existing CHP ignition engine with an electrical output of 250 kW was integrated into the new energy concept.

In addition a new conveying and discharge technology was installed. The complete system is controlled by the intelligent control unit from Spanner Re². An existing diesel generator was also integrated into the plant.

Smooth plant operation after repowering

Reliable power and heat generation for local heating network and operator's own use after repowering.

Watch our video about repowering projects of existing power generators 

You can find more about the repowering projects, for example of a Kuntschar-Schlüter wood gasifier to a Spanner Re² wood gasifier system, in our Video about repowering projects with wood gas or on our website under Repowering.