DSC 0996Generating energy from wood chips

The Roßmeier family, from the Bavarian town of Bäderdreieck, runs a 30-system biomass CHP, which commenced operation in December 2011. It reached 7,000 operating hours in 2012 and 8,000 in 2013. Along with a farm and boarding house, the family also runs an ostrich farm, marketing the meat through its farm shop. The electricity is fed into the public grid, and remuneration is paid in accordance with the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG).

The Roßmeier family uses the heat to heat pools, residential homes and a boarding house, and to supply heat to a neighbouring farm, through a local district heating network at the agricultural holding.

1,100 cubic metres of wood chips (95% spruce wood) are consumed over an annual operating time of 8,000 hours.

The wood chips are dried by a trailer-mounted dryer using the excess heat from the Biomass CHP, and then temporarily stored in a 20-m³ bunker.

The Roßmeier family first heard about the biomass CHP after talking to their heating installer. They were looking for a way to save energy.

Technical data of wood gasifier reference:

  • System: Spanner HKA 30 Biomass CHP
  • Output: 30 kWel and 80 kWth
  • Start-up: December 2012
  • Annual operating hours: approx. 8,000 operating hours
  • Wood chip consumption: 1,100 m³
  • Wood chip source: Own forestry

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