Currently, a team from Spanner Re² GmbH works in Canada to install a wood co-generation plant for local operation. At first, the local operators were instructed and trained in the equipment technology.


On the second day the flare was already burning; the photo shows the first gas smoke. In the evening the engine was started for the first time. "Wow, that was great, the engine runs at 1800rev/min with a loading pressure of about 200mbar and brings about 45kW; this sounds very good," said Alexander Baldauf, team leader at Spanner Re² GmbH. On Thursday, the network operator turned off the juice, probably because something went wrong with the registration. We then left Toronto and went west where an Indian reservation (which seems to be the first customer) offers the chance to plan a plant, said Alexander Baldauf. It is interesting to learn about the lifestyle of the Indians - that's a completely different world, said Baldauf. The hospitality went so far that they invited the Spanner team in the morning, at minus 20° Celsius, for ice fishing.

On Tuesday, together with five residents of the Indian Reservation we went back to Toronto, to further train the local operators there, and to show the First Nations how to run the wood co-generation plants.