The first visit of the Confor Woodland Show as an exhibitor was a success-story for Spanner RE² GmbH. The Woodland show was held between Bristol and Bath, close to Warminster. The trade show is a special event for the forestry-industry and forest owners all over UK. The surrounding of nature, grassland and forest glades built up an fantastic flair for this trade show, Michael Westermaier says - he represented Spanner Re² GmbH at the event.

holz kraft truck woodland show 2015

"There was an enormous Interest in our products", Westermaier said. Many visitors wanted to see the Spanner units running at our customers in UK because there is a very interesting fed-in tariff for wood cogeneration plants. On the one hand you get subsidies for the electricity you bring into the grid, on the other hand you get subsidies for using the heat the unit produces.