300kw electrical power from 4 HKA70

As part of a repowering project by Spanner Re², the 50-year-old 6-cylinder marine diesel with a displacement of 231 liters was able to continue to supply the Lechner excavator and woodchipping company in Ellenberg with electricity and heat from woodchippings.

Modern wood gas technology from Re²

In the repowering project, five HKA70s from Spanner Re² with a total output of around 300kW el generated the required amount of wood gas for the old ship's diesel CHP unit. The old block-type thermal power station is now being replaced by a state-of-the-art CHP unit from Hochreiter. With an electrical output of 300kW, the new combined heat and power plant can in future be operated with four HKA70s from the existing multiple system. The commissioning, which is planned for the near future, is a further step by the Lechner company in the direction of energy independence and a contribution to the supply of renewable energies.