Wood gasifier from Re² in combination with a large CHP

For 35 years, the company Biogas Hochreiter GmbH from Schnaitsee in Upper Bavaria has been operating globally functioning and, above all, highly reliable plant systems in the field of wood gas technology. In particular, combined heat and power plants with 300kW electrical output in combination with the proven wood gasification systems from Spanner Re² GmbH promises a highly efficient solution in the area of ​​large-scale systems with CO2-neutral wood gas technology.


CO2-neutral wood power plant from Spanner Re² GmbH with Hochreiter CHP technology

  • Efficient and highly reliable Re² wood gasification systems in combination with 300kW el from Hochreiter GmbH
  • Intelligent, CO2-neutral energy generation thanks to Re² wood power plants with large Hochreiter CHP's
  • Combination options as required, according to the spatial conditions and the sound insulation requirements
  • Adaptation to the actual energy requirement, thanks to modern control technology in the power range between 50 and 100 percent adjustable
  • Can be used worldwide thanks to the broad fuel technology of Re² wood gasifiers, proven with currently more than 900 systems
  • Less gas consumption thanks to the optimal combustion technology of the Hochreiter large-scale CHP units

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