To prevent the standstill of productions that only work with natural gas, wood-fired power plants from Spanner Re² GmbH offer an inexpensive alternative.

Replace natural gas with wood gas in industry

With wood power plants from Spanner Re² GmbH, wood gas can be generated for 20 to 50 € / MWh. This can replace gas processes in industry and is CO2 neutral.

Potential fuel for generation

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A wide range of fuels can be used for energy production. Forest residues, waste wood, roadside greenery, pellets or even pallets and fruit crates.

Applications in the industry

  • Brick factories
  • Limestone factories
  • Thermal oil applications
  • Corrugated board producers
  • Steam processes
  • Galvanizing plant
  • Post-combustion plants
  • Ceramic factories


From 2.5 MW up to 7.5 MW thermal power

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Future fuels

Current projects with Spanner Re² wood power plants are successfully testing the material recycling of production residues such as POM, PP, PE and PET. The plants are operated with 50% wood and 50% plastic waste and generate energy from it.

In addition, more and more alternative fuels for wood gasification are being explored. Examples are sunflowers, coconut shells or even straw bales.