andreas huber mit tochter“Conventional energy generation with the negative results, independency of costs and the central energy politics made me thoughtful. With the HKA 10 we can produce electricity and heat anytime with our own wood and are independent. A good feeling.”, says Andreas Huber.

Andreas Huber was determined to find an electricity and heat solution for his farm and buildings that was self-sufficient and cost-effective. In 2016, after a long search to find the best technology he invested in a Biomass CHP from Re². The HKA 10 CHP unit produces electricity to cover Andreas´s own needs as well as supplying the power supply system which he receives payment for according to renewable energy law. The heat produced by the HKA 10 is used for heating Andreas´s buildings and also for drying the wood chip.


Wood chips for wood gasifiers from own forestry

Andreas sources wood from his own forestry, processes it, then places the wood chips in a drying box that he designed and made himself. The waste heat from the HKA 10 is used very effectively to dry the wood chips in the box over two days. This ensures the chips are dried to the optimal residual.

Wood gasifier provides energy when needed

The Biomass CHP with 9 kWel and 22 kWth meets Andreas Huber´s exact energy demands without any wastage. The CHP is powered off when neither electricity nor heat is needed, or for example on hot sunny days when the PV solar panels delivery the electricity required.

Your path to energy independence

It is important to Andreas Huber that his energy needs are met independently so that he does not have to rely on fossil fuels or large energy supply companies. The Biomass CHP from Re2 perfectly complements his other innovative energy projects. He is in the process of building a wind power station – he has founded his own energy supplying company (KG) and also charges his electric car with electricity “made by Andreas Huber”. Another big advantage of the HKA 10 is that it runs consistently no matter what weather occurs. Even when there is no sunshine or wind, the HKA 10 contributes to the stabilization of the electricity network.

Key data on the energy concept:

  • Construction: Biomass CHP “HKA 10”
  • Performance: 9 kWel and 22 kWth
  • Start-up: 2016


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