petek 500pxTransport company supplies local heating network with CHP plants

Since 2014, the transport company Petek from Kuzma in Slovenia has been operating two wood-fired CHP plants HKA 45 with a heat demand of about 700 kW. The heat generated from wood chips supplies a local heating network.

Generating energy from wood

Several buildings and a car wash are connected to the local heating network. In combination with a 500 kW wood chip heating system, the Spanner Re² wood-fired power plants supply a total of 24 residential buildings, the car wash and the transport company with heat. The electricity generated by the wood-fired power plants is fed into the grid. The wood chips required for the operation of the wood gasifier plants are bought by the operator and dried with a self-built trailer drying system. The chips get dried from 30-50 percent moisture content to about 6-8 percent moisture content for the operation of the two HKA 45.